Your company's brand is it's identity, it's makes your company instantly recognisable, it differentiates you from the rest.

Branding not only makes your company memorable but constantly expresses your company message without even saying a word.

We want to join you on the journey of your brand; going from logo to stitch.

To ensure this journey is a smooth as possible we use our 6 Step Process.

6 Step Process


Turning Your Logo into a Brand

We take your logo and digitise it, converting it from an analogue form into a digital one that our machines understand 

The Emb Logo.png

The sizing of the letters might seem a slightly mismatched but this is done because of the stitch technique we use which 'pulls and pushes' .... producing a visually pleasing finish

The finished product stitched by one of our Brother PR Embroidery Machines

EmbShed Stitch.jpg

Although we're based just outside Chesterfield, located practically on the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire Border... we have the ways and means to support you as a Embroidery and Print Specialists with National Coverage